In October, whilst in Vietnam we commenced the latest program that will help 1200 children between now and February with 200 wheelchairs, 450 bicycles and food distributions for 500 families with severely handicapped children.  It also included helping 50 children battling cancer.

As is usual the children’s ward in the Cancer Hospital was overflowing with desperately sick children. There were two to each bed with others on straw mats covering near every area of floor space in that place of sadness. The heat, the smells and the fear that permeates that place of suffering would be overwhelming, and it is only God’s gracious touch that gets us through each visit.

Linda had arranged to be there that morning last month to distribute finances to help each of the families with their child’s treatment.  Some children would come to Linda to receive the finance gift, but others were so ill they could not move from where they lay. 

Such was the case with the little girl in our photograph and Linda walked to her bed and handed the envelope to her father. He was so overwhelmed that someone had cared enough to come and help and shook Linda’s hand and said quietly with deep emotion, “Thank you.” His face expressed the sadness and hopelessness of his precious daughter’s situation.

Even though the little girl now only had one eye she could not stop staring at Linda, there was a connection as she responded to Linda’s warm touch. The child’s condition was far beyond medical science. Sadly that place is filled with many children whose condition is as grave as hers.

We thank God that Vietnam Outreach had the opportunity to help and show Christ’s love to many children and their parents and not just on that day but throughout the year. Linda and I would ask that you join with us in prayer so that every seed we sow, every child we touch and their families will know His love eternally.