Love is not just talk it is also action.


Since 1987 tens of thousands of people left hungry after floods and typhoons have been fed and orphans cared for. We have stood with the local medical professionals to develop the health care system. Poverty stricken families have been set free with our micro-development programs and since 1997 our Project Hope has helped thousands of handicapped children with free surgery, wheelchairs and medical treatment. Click on our projects Hope, Manna and Luke for an insight into the work in Vietnam. In addition to Vietnam we are ministering to the Body of Christ through our “Working With The Anointing In Your Finances”. Click on project Joseph to see how we are building and encouraging those whom God has called to the marketplace for the end time harvest.


In March 2017 Vietnam Outreach celebrated it’s 30th anniversary with a celebration held in the Nghe An Province in which officials travelled up to 1,500 kilometres to attend. To show their appreciation of our assistance a number of awards were given and officials from various provinces shared with us how Vietnam Outreach has touched countless lives these past thirty years. During this time of celebration in March and April Vietnam Outreach helped some 1,300 families. This was done by the giving of 300 bicycles to poor students who live long distances from school. Another 100 handicapped children received wheelchairs. In addition 300 poor families received food parcels with sufficient food for each family for one month. Vietnam Outreach also assisted to build a school for 300 children in a remote mountainous area. Following this Vietnam Outreach also provided help in the south by building on site 300 concrete water tanks for poorer rural families suffering from fresh water shortages due to salt water encroachment in the Mekong Delta.


In August 2012 Vietnam Outreach celebrated it’s 25th anniversary. The Vietnamese Government expressed their appreciation for the help we have given Vietnam by awarding the 4th medal presented to Vietnam Outreach, this time from the Minister for Labor and Invalids in Hanoi. Additional celebrations and awards for appreciation were made by the Vietnamese Ministry of Health (Bo Y Te) in Hanoi and the Chairman of Ho Chi Minh City. Many officials travelled from all over Vietnam to join in these celebrations and some said that they were privileged to work with us for so many years and some shared how they had learned that love is not just talk but also by actions.

Years serving in Vietnam

Children Helped Through Project Hope

People fed through Project Manna

“Love is not just talk it is also action.”