“Praise God up to to-date more than 26,205 children have been helped through our  Project Hope.

One mother said, “You have helped my son with the surgery and have given him a new life, but not just him, but the whole family as well.” She shared that since her son was born she herself had been rejected for even her parents-in-law blamed her for the child’s deformity. The superstition of the other villagers had them saying she must have been very evil to be cursed in this way. We cover all associated costs as well, even bringing the parents from their villages to the city hospitals with their children. But we don’t stop there, for we work to ease the suffering by equipping the local medical personnel by bringing in our foreign teams to train by holding workshops (see our Project Luke). The poor have no voice, and the cries of the children go unheeded unless we make the choice to stand in the gap.

“The majority have received cleft lip and palate surgery.

We just don’t give the child a new life but also set the whole family free from superstitious reproach and rejection as well.

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“Thousands, like these little ones have benefited from Project Hope”

“Wheelchairs for those with inoperable lower limb deformities or cerebral palsy.

Giving a wheelchair makes a massive difference to the family, easing the need of carrying the child which become more difficult as the child increases with age and size. One child said “Thank you for helping me, I no longer feel that I am such a heavy burden for my family.”

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Upper and lower limb orthopaedic surgery.

From club feet to “Deltoid Atrophy”, (these children have an upper limb muscle wastage, somewhat similar to polio that eventually robs them of any arm movement.)  With surgery and rehabilitation they can lead a normal life.

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Cancer treatment.

Most of these precious little souls come from the countryside caught in a battle of life and death.

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In 2013 we commenced providing bicycles to children from poor rural areas that have no public transport to enable them to attend their distant schools.

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Plastic surgery for burns

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1 Corinthians 13:8 Love never fails